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Hai hai, swap blog datang kembali! kali ini yang mengisi blog Omnduut adalah Mia si YouthGoTravel. Cewek yang sudah menjejakkan kaki ke puluhan negara! *menatap sirik* Makanya, jangan heran kalau dipostingan ini mendadak berbahasa Inggris. 🙂 Mia kali ini bercerita mengenai siapa ‘tokoh’ inspiratifnya yang ternyata adalah… eh baca sendiri ya ^^

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Hi Omnduut followers! I’m Gelato Traveler, the swap partner of Omnduut. As usual, I have a little “session” to promote my own blog YouthGoTravel. If you like travelling, food, fashion, adventure, culture, projects, causes, and arts, then it’s another alternative blog to read. Though, I haven’t updated it lately, I’ll have a special edition during from December to January! So yeah, to keep on updated just like YouthGoTravel Facebook Page.



Mia bersama si besar yang inspiratif dan Kang Mas-nya 🙂

Back to Swap Blog, our Swap Leader of the month Gelologic already decided that the theme is all about “Inspirator”. So proudly, I’d like to present my tremendous inspirator, not only because how much they inspire me, but also it is suitable to depict their size. “Elephants!” Oh yeah, the sage animal which has photographic memory. I can prove this statement J

In Hinduism, it’s also known as Ganesha which is considered as the Lord of letters and learning.

Then, why I rather choose this gigantic animal as an inspirator than a human being. It’s simply because they’re light-hearted animal in my eyes. With lots of historical background as sacred and charmed symbol which I shouldn’t explain more because it’ll be like a Wikipedia session ;)…

The principal of the inspiration given by Elephant for me is “Keep Big and Be Wise!” (read: no matter how big the power that you have, always be a wise man!”) I hope that many countrymen will have the same inspiration like this. So they won’t be eager to make their immense incentive to their own bank account regardless the impoverished milieu.

Well, that’s all folks 🙂 Thank you once again Omnduut, it’s a pleasure for me to write on your fabulous blog ;).


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